Vojtěch Leischner & Pavel Husa are friends and PhDs at Czech Technical University, faculty of Electrical engineering (CZ, Prague).

Vojtěch Leischner is the main leader behind the project. Vojtěch has 5+ years experience as software engineer, he develops both hardware and software and specializes in human computer interaction, computer vision and tracking. Vojtěch has many scientific papers published. He rides artistic unicycle and juggle.

In his work, Pavel Husa combines his jazz background with computer science and technology knowledge. He graduated from double bass and informatics and explores the possibility of music reaching from sonification to music therapy. He cooperated with multiple institutions and theaters as a composer and sound designer.

Jiří Balhar graduated with honors at Charles University in Prague, Artificial intelligence. He specializes on Natural Language Processing (NLP), Digital Signal Processing, Arduino & Machine Learning.