Track me if you can Smart juggling balls


Create music, play games or control lights….by juggling!


  • awesome LED light juggling ball
  • set of free PC and smartphone games to play by juggling the balls, yep that’s right.
  • free API that will enable you program your own stuff (you can also contact us to help you with that)

You want to play music simply by juggling? No problem. You want to play PC game controlled by juggling balls. Checked. You want to create awesome theatrical show where you will control lights as you juggle? Done.

Future of juggling is here! Get smart LED juggling balls that can tell what is happening with them. Keep track of your catches, spins and other useful info. Use the data to play games, create music on the fly or control lights all by just juggling. Check it on your smartphone or PC with our app or develop your own with provided API.


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